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In the corner of my eye, I saw the silvery white of the bamboo hat. In fact, there was a feeling of laughter in my heart. Three generations, and t****se of you w**** are old and immortal, I'm afraid it's better not to hit too hard and fall to the ground directly. This is a big

"Are you going to use it for a necklace?" Xiao Shangqi did not know whether he was sleeping or thinking about something. After a while, he propped himself up and fiddled with his fingers on her palm. Two small stacks of shells fell down with a "crash", but his eyes stayed on her palm for a long time. He Xiaoran's palm print is clean and clear, with a long lifeline, a clear career line, and an emotional line extending to the root of his index finger. He had heard people inadvertently say before that the emotional line extends here, which means that this person has the purest love, the purest love? He was crazy for a moment. He Xiaoran imagined thousands of answers from Xiao Shangqi, saying that she was childish, that she was bored, that she was a pediatrician. But unexpectedly, after he asked her, he did not make a sound again, but did not move to look at her palm, so that she withdrew her hand is not good, continue to hold it is not right. But what's there to see in the palm? Trying to shake off the awkwardness, she could only say, "Can you read palms?" "Do you believe in that kind of deception?" Xiao Shangqi came to his senses and sniffed to cover up his gaffe. He got up quickly, swept the sticky sand on his body at will,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and then extended his hand to He Xiaoran. "Get up, we have to go to lodge." "Lodging?" He Xiaoran felt very fresh this time, but she could not get up immediately, because her feet were covered with a lot of sand, and her skin was wet after stepping on the waves, which made the sand stick very firmly. It was a job that could not be hurried. She could only wait for the sun to dry her feet and legs, and then sweep the sand down. She was a little embarrassed. Then she heard Xiao Shangqi chuckle. "It seems that she has to bask in the sun for a while," he said. He sat down next to her again. The air was full of the smell of the salty sea. He Xiaoran's heart beat a little fast. In the evening,cordierite c520, he Xiaoran knew why Xiao Shangqi wanted to stay. They lived in a small village by the sea. There was no hotel in the village, not even a hotel, but many families had empty rooms. When tourists came, they stayed in the villagers'homes. They lived in a family named Zhang. There was a big fishing net in the yard. The man of the Zhang family went out to sea and would not be back until tomorrow morning. The daughter-in-law of the Zhang family made them steamed fish, mantis shrimp and other seafood. She also stewed an old hen and fried stupid eggs. This is he Xiaoran with Xiao Shangqi, eat the most rough meal, but also sweet, until the end of the meal, ready to sleep, she felt embarrassed again. Like the rural areas in the north, the Zhang family also slept on a heated Kang. In the east room where they lived, there was only one heated Kang. The daughter-in-law of the Zhang family put two pillows side by side and laid two quilts under them. She took the children back to the house to watch TV and prepare to sleep. Before Xiao Shangqi entered the room, there was a rushing sound of water outside. It was time to wash. He Xiaoran quickly judged that he was ready to separate the two quilts used as mattresses and lay a Kang. One could live here and the other could live there. However, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic bobbin heater core, before she could start, the sound of water stopped and Xiao Shangqi pushed the door in. Tomorrow to get up very early, I asked, see the sunrise, from the village at four o'clock to start. "The line of sight in He Xiaoran and the Kang swept, Xiao Shangqi understood, for a moment also can not say is embarrassed or funny, pushing He Xiaoran to wash, he was a little embarrassed, finally thought about it, the teasing element is still too much, he and clothes lying on the Kang, ready to see He Xiao-ran back how to do.". Chapter 8 Within Reach (4) As a result, He Xiaoran's washing time was longer than he had imagined. He was bored and didn't sleep well these days. He dozed off carelessly. When he turned over, he felt that the heated Kang was too hard. When he slept until his waist hurt, he woke up suddenly. The room was quiet. The moonlight passed through the glass window that blocked half of the curtain and spread a layer of silver ash evenly. He Xiaoran had not come back yet. Xiao Shangqi was startled by his discovery, and when he heard that there was no sound in the yard, he quickly turned over and jumped up and ran out in a hurry. The farmyard was the same as when they came in the evening. There was nothing else except the fishing net that was drying. He ran to the small house that was used to take a shower and called it He Xiaoran's name. No one agreed. He went to the simple toilet and no one agreed. In this moment, he thought of countless terrible possibilities, but he Xiaoran's skill was good. Although he dozed off, if she called for help, he would never hear it. He comforted himself, took a deep breath, and then went out of the yard. On the path outside the yard, his SUV was still parked there, like a huge thing. The glass on one side of the car was rolled down, and he seemed to hear a "thump" sound, which was the sound of the heart falling to the ground and returning to its original position. Sure enough, he leaned over and looked in along the gap. He Xiaoran lowered his seat and slept soundly. His car, never only a set of keys, he quietly looked at He Xiaoran for a while, then took out the spare key, click, opened the door. He Xiaoran had a beautiful dream. In the dream, she and Xiao Shangqi rowed a boat out to sea together. The boat floated and swayed. A dolphin jumped out of the water and drew a semicircular track in the air ahead. Dolphin She was so excited that she wanted to stand up and tell Xiao Shangqi to look quickly, but as soon as she moved, she woke up. She didn't go to sea with Xiao Shangqi. She was still in the farmyard. It was Xiao Shangqi who found her sleeping in the car and was taking her out to send her back to the cabin. I'll go by myself. He Xiaoran was embarrassed and felt that he had made things worse again. Not short of these two steps. Xiao Shangqi finished, and sure enough, he walked to the front of the heated Kang in two steps. He Xiaoran put it down and quickly turned around and said, "I don't think it's all right. You sleep here. I'm afraid it's not safe in the car. I'll go." "Xiao Shangqi-" looking at him about to go out, he Xiaoran could not help whispering his name, but did not know what to say, can only bite his lip hard, face suffocated red. " Go to bed early if you have nothing to do. You really have to get up very early tomorrow. Xiao Shangqi paused,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, laughed at himself, and said in a low voice, "I was lying here just to play a joke with you. I'm not such a beast." 。 global-ceramics.com

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