6 Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for Winter

Booties, tiny jackets, and a new pet bed will prep your pet for the cold winter ahead.

Though your funny dogs may be fluffy and thrilled by the chilly weather, you should consider getting a few supplies together to keep them cozy and comfy. Booties, tiny jackets, and a new pet bed will prep your pet for the cold winter ahead.

  1. Short Boots Offer Paw Protection

You may think your puppy doesn't need their paws protected, but their feet are surprisingly sensitive. Short boots help keep your puppy's paws safe and protect them from extreme heat, cold and chemicals.

While they won't be happy the first time they walk in winter dog boots, they will get used to them over time. If you and your pup go on daily walks or are somewhat active, you may want to start researching short boots to find the perfect boots for your pup.

  1. Maintain Their Winter Coat for Added Warmth

This time of year can be a wonderful time for dogs to “let their hair down”. Dogs need their coat during the winter so they can stay warm and cozy inside and out. Though you will want to keep their coat clean and brushed, you will not need to take them to their groomer for the regular trim. Your pup will thank you for it. Here we recommend you teddykala’s dog couch, which can help you solve related problems.

  1. Dogs to the winter, it is best to stop drinking cold water, you can give your dog to drink warm water, and also need to be replaced regularly, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria. No matter what season it is, you must keep your dog's water intake, not to let your dog lose water without timely replenishment.
  2. Sweaters Help Them Stay Warm

Even if your dog is fluffy with a massive winter coat, they may love a new sweater or jacket. This way, they stay warm and cozy no matter the weather. If you think your dog can benefit from a sweater or jacket there are numerous sources for adorable and well-fitting sweaters or jackets for any dog. If you want to purchase a sweater or jacket for your pup, be sure to measure around their belly, legs, shoulders and neck. By measuring, you won’t need to worry about the sweater not fitting or being uncomfortable. If you have a dog with a lot of fur, be sure to give some allowance with the sizing of the apparel. This will ensure their winter dog sweaters* (Amazon Affiliate Link) fit well and are comfortable for them to wear.

  1. If the dog is afraid of the cold, the owner needs to keep warm at all times, wear high clothes when going out, and don’t go out often. When going out, you need to watch the dog exercise. You can’t exercise for a long time. Drink snow water, and you can't bury your dog in the snow. It is easy to catch a cold.

With everything in place to get your dog winter-ready, you can sit down by the fire, give your pup a nice pig ear, and sit back and relax as the leaves turn and the air becomes crisp.

  1. Updated Contact Information Keeps Them Safe

Unfortunately, many dogs and other pets are lost during snowstorms. The best way to prevent losing your dog is making sure their tag or microchip’s contact information is up-to-date and legible. So, if they do run off or you get separated during a snowstorm or any other time, it will be more likely that they will return home safe and sound. If you need to update your dog’s tag, you can do so through your vet or you can update the microchip information online.




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