The little tail is very sweet.

The little tail is very sweet.The little tail is very sweet.The little tail is very sweet.

After serving the bear child, the two of them helped to carry the lettuce needed for the hot pot in the kitchen. Tang Wen walked beside him, saw no one around, and pouted his buttocks and arched him. Of course, it was impossible for her strength to move him. Xu Hengnian put the plate on the cabinet, pulled her sweater to the top of her head with his free hand, and pressed her palm down slightly. Tang Wen said, "Oh," and shook his head desperately until he was dizzy before he broke away from his bondage. He looked up and let his hat fall down automatically and stared at him. Her hair was tousled like a bird's nest. Xu Hengnian smiled and reached out to help her tidy up carefully. Seeing his gentle movements, her little temper disappeared for the most part. She raised her head and continued to say what she wanted to say just now: "I think you will be a good father in the future." Just now he took care of the child with a calm and patient look, and he really had the potential of a father. Hearing this, Xu Hengnian stopped, his eyes fell lazily on her body, and his lips could not help but rise slightly: "Are you hinting at me?" “………………” Hint, you big head. He was bending slightly, snorting very close to her, Tang Wen did not think, slightly tilted his head, in his confused gap, "bang" with the top of his head to him. However,interactive boards for classrooms, she miscalculated and thought that she could get a "lose-lose and perish together", but who knew that Xu Hengnian's head was as hard as iron, which made her feel pain, but he had nothing to do. With tears in her eyes, she put the plate on the cabinet, rubbed her head and complained, "What material is your head made of? It's so hard." He laughed and rubbed it for her. "Who told you to bump into me?" Unconvinced, she tried to retort,smart board whiteboard, only to be startled by the man who came into the kitchen. Xu Ziyi came in to help carry the dishes, but as soon as he stepped in, he saw two people in the kitchen, and the pink bubbles were almost overflowing the whole room. It was embarrassing to stand here. Tang Wen was a little embarrassed, and immediately patted Xu Hengnian's hand down, simply straightened his hair with his hand, and picked up the plate again. Xu Heng straightened up and nodded slightly to Xu Ziyi. Xu Heng is a little taller than Xu Ziyi, and his eyes are facing each other, and the former's aura obviously overwhelms the latter. Although Tang Wen did not understand the inheritance of the Xu family's property, judging from the current situation, the successor in the next ten years should be decided between the two of them. No wonder my aunt didn't look at her in a friendly way just now. The whole family gathered around a table to eat hot pot, which could not be more lively. Mr. Xu sat in the main seat, and the rest of the people were arranged in order of seniority. Tang Wen did not quite understand the rules of the seating order at the table, so he followed Xu Hengnian. She likes to eat hot pot very much, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive panels for education, whether it is meat slices, lettuce or noodles, and even mutton, which is not usually touched at all, will be enjoyed after being dipped in sauce. It's just that all the people here today are elders. She doesn't dare to eat and drink as usual. When the pot is cooked, she just puts a few pieces of potatoes in the bowl, and she doesn't dare to say anything. But Xu Hengnian has been giving her food, but also her favorite food, drinks just finished also very considerate to help her fill up, eat to the second half of her basic hands did not even reach forward, has been taken care of by him. Originally, there was no one at the dinner table to talk about business, and I don't know who suddenly mentioned a project that the Xu family was cooperating with the Tang family. At the beginning, they were still talking about investment and contracts. As they chatted, they even brought the topic to Xu Hengnian. Big aunt's voice sounded a little sharp, and even could be said to be a strange one: "Dad, you really set a good marriage for Heng Nian. Once you become the son-in-law of the Tang family, when Tang Wen also gets the right of inheritance, our family will not worry about the business with the United States." Tang Wen had been eating happily, but after hearing this sentence, he could not help but stop his chopsticks and slow down his chewing action. The dinner was suddenly quiet, and they couldn't help looking sideways at Xu Hengnian. He was using clean chopsticks to put mutton slices into the pot without even lifting his eyelids. Alas, it is true that Ziyi in our family has been studying all the time when he went to school, and he didn't fall in love or anything. He doesn't love people like Heng Nian. ” These words, coupled with Xu Hengnian has been concerned about Tang Wen's behavior at the dinner table, people who do not understand will always think that he is in order to inherit the position, has been fawning on his marriage object. It's too hard to say. Even Tang Wen, who had always been a rough nerve, heard the sarcastic meaning of her words, and suddenly lost the mood to eat. Since sensible, Tang Wen was most worried that others would involve her feelings and interests with Xu Hengnian. She knew very well in her heart that even if she was a child of an ordinary family, Xu Hengnian would like her and his parents would accept her. It had nothing to do with whether she was surnamed Tang or not. But these relatives, who are friendly on the surface but secretly competitive behind their backs, will not think so. The atmosphere at the dinner table was stirred up a little nervously. Mr. Xu's face was sullen, and he was obviously a little angry. His hands holding the chopsticks were trembling slightly. More free fiction, video resources, plus V: jinhuan357 When the two children were engaged, the Tang family was just an unknown small company. The two sides did not want to associate this simple matter with business marriage at all. Moreover, even without the ties of the "in-laws", with the background of the two families, there would be economic exchanges. Mr. Xu coughed and tried to defend his favorite grandson, but as soon as the conversation turned around, he was robbed by the prospective granddaughter-in-law at the other end of the table. "Big aunt," Tang Wen's voice is soft, but never lose the deterrent force when he is tough. "Heng Nian and I choose to be together because we like each other. We are equal." "Besides, I never intend to contact the Tang family's property,smartboard for business, because my ideal has nothing to do with business. I also have a sister who is better than me in many aspects, so it is not my turn to inherit the Tang family. I hope you don't misunderstand." She really did not have any interest in doing business, nor did she have such a mind. Tang's father did not expect her to take over since she was a child. She was basically in a state of free range.


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